6/8/18 Update: The three videos below replace the one grainy one I originally posted. It’s a great window into the mind and art of Georgia O’Keefe as she talks about her life and works, looking back with the wisdom of age. She was in her nineties in theses videos.

6/8/18: The video below was originally posted as a complement to the single grainy video I’d found of O’Keefe describing her work. The expanded set now posted above is clearer, and more complete, but I’ll leave this up because I like it.

Original note: I selected this video because, by showing some of O’Keeffe’s sensuous New Mexico landscapes, it brings to life thoughts and observations she expressed in the one above.  It also includes some of the wonderful Alfred Stieglitz photographs of O’Keeffe.  I think the two videos work well together.