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About Me

image from www.heartfulspirit.comI draw. I paint. I take photographs. I spend way too much time in front of a computer. And now I’m using the computer to create digital drawings and paintings. When I lived in California, I was actively involved with my local arts scene. But, then I moved to Tennessee and started nurturing my inner hermit. So DeviantArt is my new arts scene, and it’s a perfect fit: An outlet for my artwork, and a community to connect with, right in the comfort of my home. I have loads of artwork and photographs that I may eventually sort through and upload. But, in the meantime, I’ll focus on my new love affair with digital art. Although I’m enjoying a hermit’s life, I have not been just doodling and dawdling. Because, aside from making art, I’m pretty passionate about promoting artisans and handmade products, and that’s where my energy has gone. This link will get you the full scoop on all that (along with contact info).

Dancing Across Generations

This video of a 10 year old tap dance student who choose her 72 year old grandfather as recital partner is precious. Of course, she knew grandpa was up to it. Their family has a long lineage of dancers, going back several generations. The routine they chose is a...

Van Gogh paintings provide window into future

This is an interesting video.  It presents a number of Van Gogh paintings that appear very true to the actual paintings.  But it somehow manages to incorporate animation effects that bring the painting to life . . . but without corrupting the overall look and feel of...

a picture of poetry in life

This video, Dark Side of the Lens, is beautiful on so many levels. The images are mesmerizing, and Surf Photographer Mickey Smith's poetic and philosophical narrative cuts to the core of what gives life its meaning. You can google and find several interviews with...

yo-yo art and life lesson by black

Black's artistry with a yo-yo is amazing. But the real story here is about how taking your passions seriously can get others to take them seriously, too.

beautiful video on gratitude

This video speaks volumes about all we have to be grateful for in our amazing lives and the wonderful world we inhabit:

digital art gets small with sketchbook mobile

My android phone is replacing my graphic pad as my canvas of choice.  I'm fascinated with the speed that comes from working with my finger on a very small screen and the ability to integrate images and photographs easily.  My primary tool is Sketchbook Mobile by...

nine year old banjo whiz kid playing bluegrass

This video shows why nine year old banjo player Jonny Mizzone is creating such a buzz.   And his brothers Robbie (age 12, on fiddle) and Tommy (age 14, on guitar) show that extreme musical talent seems to be a Mizzone family thing.

imogen cunningham in her own witty quotable words

 The clips below are from the video Portrait of Imogen.  I had it on vhs years ago, but it got away from me.   So I was happy to find these clips to view and share.  This award-winning film was created by filmmaker Meg Partridge, who is also Imogen Cunningham's...

georgia o’keeffe in her own words and works

6/8/18 Update: The three videos below replace the one grainy one I originally posted. It's a great window into the mind and art of Georgia O'Keefe as she talks about her life and works, looking back with the wisdom of age. She was in her nineties in theses videos....

ok go channels ed sullivan show

I had never heard of OK Go, one of the groups that performed for Obama's 50th birthday celebration,  but this fun video has made me a fan.   Feels kinda like the Ed Sullivan Show with a Prince vibe.

market street in san francisco before the 1906 earthquake

This short film was made over a hundred years ago along Market Street in San Francisco.  It's been known to historians for years, but was only recently digitally restored on high-definition videotape.  And the true date of filming was only recently...

Some of my Artwork